Monday, February 4, 2013

Flip Flop February Day 4

This month is the Flip/Flop February challenge! It's being hosted by Jilltastic Nail Design - she has done an amazing job coming up with the prompts!
Everyday has TWO options (harder on the left, easier on the right) so everyone can participate! I love it because two options means twice the inspiration! This post has everything defined so no more guessing what technique she means!

Today I went with the "easy" side, because I'm absolutely terrible at one stroke painting. However, I love how simple and elegant this ombre looks!

I really love love this one!

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  1. I love the studs!! *digs into draw looking for studs*

    1. Studs are my FAVORITE! I usually don't wear plain polish and studs are such an easy way to dress it up!