Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flip/Flop Challenge Catch Up!

So this past week has been crazily busy - a graduation, doctor's appointments, volunteer meetings, etc.

Instead of making individual posts for the days I've missed, I decided to streamline and just do one :)

Since it's so picture heavy, hit read more to see everything!

Day 13: Watercolor

These nails were SO fun to create! I love painting with real watercolors and the effect on my nails was so pretty (and super smooth!). To create these, I used aluminum foil and put drops of polish. I then mixed them with pure acetone, to thin them out. A tiny striping brush and lots of layers later, I have gorgeous flowers!! 

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Day 14: Valentine's Day!!

These are decidedly anti-Valentine's day - I'm single, yet again, this year and I really didn't feel like doing something lovey-dovey. It was a really great day though - made dinner for some friends, got chocolate from a friend, and watched "Cabin in the Woods".
The base for this is American Apparel 'Downtown LA' - the most beautiful red polish I've ever owned! The formula was beautiful - almost crelly like with a shinny rubbery finish :)

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Day 15: Stamping/Jelly Sandwhich

So, I failed this day's prompt. I've never done stamping and I really don't own many jelly polishes. If I have time before the end of the challenge, I might come back to this. But no promises!
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Day 16: Animal Print

Just a super simple leopard print, but with glitter on my accent nails! :) I really love that all the polishes in this look(other than base/top coat) are from KOREA!

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Day 17:

I love these nails! I went to ULTA yesterday and picked up a few pieces from the OPI Euro Centrale collection! They were all GORGEOUS, but I decided to get 'OY- Another Polish Joke' and 'My Vampire is Buff'. Amazing formula on both of them - it took about 4 coats to get OAPJ opaque, but it's such a pretty gold color! The green in American Apparel 'Hunter', my favorite polish at the moment! 

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