Thursday, March 21, 2013

Luck of the Irish: Free For All


Has everyone fully recovered from St. Patrick's Day? I didn't drink much on Sunday, but I still had a great weekend with lots of shopping!

One of the things I bought was this nail art deco wheel from Icing. It was pretty cheap (around $5) and I got a free shamrock hair clip with it!

It had a really great mix of rhinestones, micro beads, and flat cutouts! So, for the Luck of the Irish challenge "Free for All", I did a different design on each nail!

Star cutouts on my pinky, shamrock cutouts and pearl micro beads on my ring finger, a totally blinged out middle finger, micro bead "necklaces" on the pointer, and my thumb has more shamrocks.

The necklaces were by far my favorite finger! These beads were super easy to work with.

However, I had MAJOR problems with the cutouts. First, they were extremely thick and didn't lay on the nail flat. In the last picture you can see where the stars stick up.
The shamrocks, along with being thick, also BLED! I was really upset when this happened and ended up taking these off Sunday night.

However, the shamrock is the only one I had problems with! I bought another nail art wheel from Icing and haven't experienced any problems with those.

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