Friday, April 12, 2013

Different Shades of Blue: Blue Gradient


Time for another Different Shades of Blue challenge post!

Originally I was going to do ombre nails...but I realized I don't have enough blue polish of the same tone in different shades! For some reason, I have very few really light or really dark blue polishes!

Instead I did a gradient!

Here is the "in progress" shot. I just LOVE how smooth the gradient came out, so I popped on a matte top coat and took a few photos :)

But that's nowhere near sparkly enough for me! So I added......glitter!

Base is Salley Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Choco-Latte". The pink tones in it make it the perfect nude for me!!
I then did the gradient over that with a makeup sponge using Wet N' Wild "I Need a Refresh-Mint".
To do the glitter gradient, I just used the brush bottle from Forever 21's Love and Beauty "Turquoise". 

If you didn't notice yesterday, I've cut all my nails down!! I was getting so tired of the peeling (any suggestions??) and I've noticed a lot less chipping on these than usual! 

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  1. Love these theyre so pretty! I like Chocolatte but i cant pull it off with my red prawn fingers haha!

    Have you tried opi nail envy or seche plus for your nails? Or maybe orly nailtrition? X

    1. Thanks! I actually think it looks more like a nude polish on reddish hands! Other nudes look way too tan or yellow on me!

      I haven't tried those...I was using Essie Grow Stronger and a serum from Salley Hansen, but I haven't gotten very good results. Time to do some research! :)

  2. Love this :)
    Both the matte version and the version with glitter :)
    Ive been thinking about doing ombre nails too but even though I have loads of nail polish I do not have enough shades in the same family to be able to do an ombre design :D
    You have a really lovely blog btw, Im a new subscriber through GFC and Bloglovin :)

    1. Thanks! :)And welcome! I'm so happy to interact with new followers!! :)
      I have enough shades in green, purple, and brown, but those are by far the colors I buy the most! It's so difficult to do ombre straight out of the bottle! I think it's because I gravitate towards similar shades in blues, reds, and pinks - I probably have about 5 of almost but not quite the same mint green/mint blue polish!