Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DNA Haul!

So I have more NEW things to show off! I've been wanting more nail art trinkets - studs, striping tape, etc. Reading blogs I heard a lot of good things about Dollar Nail Art. I have to say, I was VERY impressed! Hit "read more" to see everything!

The Good:

  • Great price - $1 worth of each item is plenty for a hobby nail artist like me. I was surprised at how many of each item there were!
  • Fast shipping - I got these within 10 days! (Would probably take longer for international shipping though!)
  • Good descriptions on the website. Everything came as described and I wasn't let down on any of it!
  • Awesome packaging - everything came in individual plastic re-sealable bags or in small boxes or vials. The package also included a packing list(which was great to check I'd gotten everything!) and a little nail art guide that tells you how to use everything!
The Bad:
  • $25 minimum order, not including shipping. While I wasn't too upset about this, I think it could be a drawback for some people.
  • Shipping costs - unavoidable, but paying $7-10 for shipping isn't my favorite thing.
I definitely recommend DNA! I haven't gotten the chance to use anything, but I'll edit this later if there are major issues!

What I got:
They were running a special, where you got a free carousel if you bought a certain amount of their gems/studs/crystals! Definitely a handy thing to have (and they sell them separately if you need more!) In my carousel you can see, clockwise from the white space:
  • Mini pearl dots
  • Red dots
  • Black dots
  • Gold studs
  • Silver Studs
  • Sapphire blue faceted studs
  • Silver faceted studs
  • Black faceted studs
  • Silver square studs
  • Gold square studs
  • Black square studs
  • Emerald green square studs
I also got pearl hearts, which I didn't have room for. These DO NOT match the pearl dots perfectly as I had hoped, but are still very pretty:

I also got flat diamonds in black, neon magenta, and neon green. These are going to be AWESOME for making some more detailed designs:

Next up are the bullion beads, which according to DNA are REAL gold and silver. They are TINY, like the kind of beads used in the caviar manicures. 

I also bought a pack of foil nuggets in silver, gold, and copper. DNA has a lot of these package deals, which can get you a small discount for buying all the colors of a specific items! I'm hoping these will work like like gold leaf, which seems to be the case! These are packing with a small piece of paper between each layer to prevent sticking!

I also got some gold hollow hearts, hollow stars, and sequins. The hollow hearts and stars include the cut out bit, so it's like getting two different styles in one! These seem to be very flat, so I don't think there will be much of a problem with lifting! 

I grabbed two rolls of striping tape (which is nice and thin) and the 100 piece assortment, which is two small sheets with different colors and thicknesses. 

Two of the most interesting things I got were laser cut "lace" in gold, silver, and hot pink and laser strands in gold and rainbow! The laser lace is a small sheet of crisscrossing strands. I was surprised, but all of them have iridescent bits in them!
The laser strands, packed in a box, are individual strands of twisted...plastic I'm guessing? They feel great and aren't fragile, which is something I was a bit worried about. The only downside is that they're so thin, and can slip out the edges of the box! I think packaging these in a vial similar to the bullion beads would help.

Up close! The rainbow ones have different colors on each strand in a gradient fashion:

And finally, a close up of the different gems/studs I bought!
First row: Square studs.
Second row: Faceted studs
Third row: studs
Fourth row: dots
Fifth row: mini pearl/ pearl heart
Sids: diamonds and sequin and hollow heart/star
The neon magenta diamond DID curl, but only because I accidently rolled it in my hand trying to get it off. The other two are perfectly flat and the rest are too - I'll be using a dotting tool/manicure stick to pick them up in the future!

I did pay for all of these myself, including shipping costs. Nothing was provided for review and these are my honest opinions!

Can't wait to get some nails up with this stuff!

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