Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silver Studded Nails

Got to try out my new nail art tidbits from dollar last night! I got a bit carried was too much fun to stop! My index finger was originally supposed to be striping tape but I'm in LOVE with the bullion beads. The texture is just toooooo awesome!

Thumb: silver square and regular studs

Index/Middle: Silver bullion beads. SO FREAKING AWESOME. I was worried they'd be super hard to put on, but they were even easier than the studs ^^ I tried to get a pattern on the index finger, but it doesn't show up that well. Next time I'll put the beads closer together like on the ring finger.

Ring: Silver bullion beads, faceted studs, regular studs

Pinky: Silver foil nugget sheet, faceted studs
The silver foil was harder to apply than I thought - couldn't get it to "shred" as well as I've seen on others. Thinking it'll just be a matter of practice.

And sorry for all the bubbles...I think I used too many layers of top coat since I was worried about bits falling off >.<

I'm just in LOVE with these nails. Usually I change my nails every day/two days, but these will be staying ON as long as possible. I'll probably do a different design on my left hand tonight with more bullion beds ^___^

Bonus story: The necklace I'm holding means SO much to me. The dog tag is my boyfriend's from his military days. We joked about how me having to finish school in the US was like my military service. He has another dog tag, but this is his original one. ^^ I hadn't worn it before now because I didn't have a chain, but I got this gorgeous and unique silver one from my mom for my birthday. It fits perfectly together and all my jewelry matches - necklace, heart bracelet, couple ring ^_^ (and class ring, if I still wore it hahaha )

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