Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Circle Lens Makeup Look

Hey everyone! Something a little different from me today - a makeup look!!

This look utilizes a lot of the stuff I received for my birthday (found here). I'm also wearing my circle/colored contact lenses!

Hit "Read More" to see all the pictures!

My lenses are gray with a dark black rim. Here's another close up, you can see some of the pixelation of the design along the rim:
I got these circle lenses while I was in Korea, so I don't have any suggestions on where to buy them. I'm not even sure the exact brand, but these cost me about $45 and included a free vision test to make sure I got the right ones. I have read some horror stories about lenses ordered online, so be careful and do a lot of research if you get them that way!

I did a neutral eye with just a pop of green along my lash line. I paired this with a bright pink lip and a very small amount of peach blush:

Let me know what you think and if you have any looks you'd like to see!

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