Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bloody Mummy Wrapping Nails Tutorial

Hello everyone! After doing my "mummy" halloween thumb, I decided I'd turn it into my first tutorial. I changed the process a little bit, since I had issues with the striping tape starting to come up. Hope you all enjoy, and send us photos, tag us on Tumblr, or leave a comment with a link if you try it out!

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Step 1: Start out with a Tan/Nude color over your base coat. I used two layers, but one would probably suffice.

Step 2: Sponge dark brown polish on top of your tan color. Cover with a quick-dry top coat to prevent the striping tape from pulling up the polish or let completely dry.

Step 3: Place strips of striping tape(or very thinly cut scotch tape) on your nails. You don't want the strips to overlap, but instead look like you've wound bandages around all your fingers. I paired strips going at slants across the nail with some that cut halfway to form small V's. Be sure you press down all the edges so you get clean lines!

Step 4: Sponge white paint sparingly over the top of the striping tape.


Step 5: After letting the white dry a bit, sponge light gold polish on top. I did this to give the bandages an aged look, but feel free to skip this step if you like just the white!

Step 6: Giving our bandages the "bloody" part! Using just the edge of a sponge, very very sparingly put a dark red polish along your nails. I tried to keep mine parallel with the strips to make it look like the bandages were bleeding through. Use a very dark red if you want to give the appearance of old, dried blood!

Step 7: Gently remove the striping tape. I used my fingers, but tweezers may help! My polish was semi-dry at this point - I wouldn't suggest removing it while it's still very wet since it can pull the polish that way.

Step 8: Apply a top coat and clean up around the edges - all prepared to curse those that disturb your slumber!

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  1. That's a nice nail designs for halloween. I will surely pin that to my pinterest board if you'll allow me to. Cheers!

    ~ Cristine
    Halloween Makeup Ideas