Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Spooky Nights - Graveyards

Hey everyone! Today is Night 7 of the 8 Spooky Nights challenge and the theme was Graveyards!

I had originally planned to do a silhouette, but I started and these are what turned out! My original color was also a royal blue, but that got almost completely covered up.

I used my Korean dupe of Chanel's peridot for most of the designs, to give a "mossy" look! The pointer finger is it mixed with black, while the middle finger is layered over blue. The thumb has a base of gray, with the green and green mixed with black stippled on top with a brush. The ring finger is a cross of gold studs on a black base flecked with blue(which is completely invisible outside of the bottle) and I topped everything off with my Matte Real topcoat from Etude House.
I used different crosses as my inspiration, thinking of the tops of tombstones in old cemeteries. I really love the green/gold color and am glad I found a design it matches so well with!
Tomorrow is ONLY black and orange!! I have an interesting manicure planned out, so hopefully I can get it done :) (Even with the paper I forgot I needed to do for tomorrow!)

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