Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 1


So I failed miserably on the Thanksgiving challenge...I did end up doing the last two days, but didn't photograph my nails soon enough and they were horribly chipped.

However, I am excited to announce that we now have FACEBOOK comments!! I tried adding this early on but didn't get the code quite right, but they're working now! I hope more people are able to comment and participate now. :D

This post is a day late, but hopefully I'll be on time for the rest! I'm participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, hosted by Nicole at Dipped in Lacquer! It's an absolutely fantastic challenge with lots of inspirational days!

Today's theme(well, yesterday's) is only green and red! I fudged a little with this, using a green/gold color and a dark reddish brown color. I adore how they came out though! I went with a matte top coat, but I'm wishing I had left it shiny.

My original design for this theme was plaid, and that's how these started out. I ended up liking the geometric-ness of the overlapping lines and continued with that rather than a plaid. A friend said this looked like presents to him, so I think I've captured some Christmas spirit~!

If you're interested in doing this challenge too, just let me know! If you don't have your own blog I'd be happy to put pictures up for you if you want to share(and even if you don't, I'd love to see them!) or I can get you added to our Challenge group and the link list!!

Go check out all the lovely designs other participating bloggers did! And I'll be back tomorrow with snowflakes!!

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    1. Thanks! ^^ I was surprised I didn't see more plaid for this day, it seemed like such a natural pattern for red and green!

  2. Blog Post:
    I’ve featured your beautiful nail art design on my recent post “Top Christmas Nail Art Ideas & Inspiration” on my blog! (

    If you create any more looks like this that you think fall into this category, post links on my Facebook wall or comment on the post and I’ll add them and the links in the post! Keep up the great work!

    <3 The Sparkle Queen

    1. Thank you so much! Be sure to check out the blogs also participating, they all have great Christmas nail art!