Friday, November 2, 2012

Bright Water Marble

Hello! I'm back again with another water marble! After doing my right hand with the peacock inspired marble last night, I had to do something with my left hand!

I went on a shopping trip to Walgreens for more quick-dry topcoat, and couldn't resist picking up some new colors! The red and blue are from Wet n Wild's Megalast Nail Color collection - the blue is "I need a refresh-mint". I'll post the red's name once I get home!

I really love how these nails turned out, especially the thumb and pinky! I used the black rhinestones to cover up an air bubble, but they look so pretty! 


  1. I hate air bubbles, I have the same problem when I marble. The rhinestones look great though, they mesh with the design really well. :o)

    1. Thanks so much! I got pretty lucky with air bubbles for the most part, but I noticed the one on my thumb after I took a picture to send to a friend. Not to mention I'm always looking for excuses to add rhinestones to my nails! :)