Friday, November 2, 2012

Peacock Watermarble

Now that the Spooky Nights challenge is over, I'm FREEEEE! And what I have I done with this freedom?

Become ensnared by water marbling! An extremely unique looking technique, that produces no two manicures exactly alike, which I had been extremely afraid of before attempting it for the 8 Spooky Night challenge!


Peacock feather inspired nails, with gold accents!! I LOVE THESE NAILS. Originally I was going to use the teal with a couple duochromes by Sinful Colors I picked up last night(I had to get topcoat, and couldn't resist browsing/buying other polishes!) However, they just didn't work that nicely, and I was inspired by the teal and green/gold(a Korean dupe of Peridot).

I'll have another post up soon, I did my left hand in entirely different colors!


  1. Love them!! They remind me of the swirl of the ocean!

    1. Thanks! They're just so swirly and shimmery! They remind me a bit of stained glass too ^^