Monday, November 12, 2012

Mosaics Galore

Hello everyone!

Two nail designs to show you today, one is from the weekend and one I'm currently wearing!

First up we have my weekend mani, cross hatching combined with mosaics in a very winter/autumn combo of navy blue and plums.

Sorry for the chipping on these! I didn't get a chance to photograph them until a full day had a nasty chip on my index finger :(
Otherwise, I love these nails! I adore the cross hatching so much! I did it by crossing blue lines horizontally and purple lines vertically, with the nude based added back on top going both ways. From a distance it had a fabric look!
I also love the mosaics! Super easy to do and looks so nice on the nail! 

In fact, I loved the mosaics so much, it's my NOTD. Check out my neon mosaics!

These were done over a gray base, which kept the neon more subdued. I started out with purple dividing lines, but it lacked enough contrast so I went over them again with black. These also have a very very subtle green shimmer, since I put my Forever 21 Glow in the Dark polish on top!! 

Expect to see these two designs in the future! 

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