Friday, November 9, 2012

Thinking of Sunnier Places

As we start November, the weather is still pretty good. However, it's been rainy and cloudy almost everyday this past week. So I think that was driving my selection of beach themed nails!!

I have two to share today!

Glitter nails and mermaid scales! I am in LOVE with this glitter. It's a wonderful aqua iridescent beauty, that goes opaque but changes color in wonderful ways when layered! 

Nails based on waves washing onto a beach! When I was in Korea, I had the chance several times to walk on the beach with my boyfriend! We did the heart with our initials on one of those times! :)

I am surprised at how much I love the ocean and the beach, considering I didn't grow up around it. I saw it for the first time when I was 19! And it was kind of amazing, the first time I went to the beach, because a typhoon was getting ready to blow in the day we left. I got to see a beach go from super sunny and crowded to extremely foreboding and quickly being emptied! 

A couple beach pictures for fun!


  1. Just had a skim through your blog - I love it! You have some really awesome nail art, I might have to use some as inspiration some day! I like the initials on the thumb, cute!!