Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nail Party!!

So last Friday I have 5 awesome friends come over for a nail party! Four were (South) Korean girls participating in an internship program at my university that I volunteer with. The fifth was Peter, one of the other program ambassadors.

They bought me pizza(thank you thank you thank you!) and while I did nails, played Scrabble. Or, as one girl called it, scramble. :) 
Here are the nails, lots more photos after the break!!
Based off a Van Gogh painting


Neon, glitter, and studs!

Purple tear drops and GLITTER!

A MAN-icure. :) Glitter on the thumb, totally not me. That's what happens when you give a willing "victim" and 4 girls free reign of polish!

More more after the break!

Sunju's nails:

Rachel's Nails:

Anna's Nails:

Chorong's Nails:

Peter's Nails: