Friday, August 16, 2013

Korean Hair Products


One of the things I neglect the most is my hair. I don't get regular trims, don't buy expensive products, and usually just let it air dry and don't style it.

However, when I'm in Korea this changes a lot! Most Koreans take a lot of care with their appearance, and I tend to be influenced by that! It also helps that products are generally cheaper(and more fun to go shopping for!), and haircuts are much much cheaper! I usually only spent $10 on haircuts in Korea, which meant I was getting them every two months or so!

I've recently been trying out some new products and wanted to share!

This is a Camilla Shampoo sample! I got about 4 of these when I bought some nail polish at a random shop in my friend's small town. It smelled really nice!

This is from InnisFree, a brand I haven't used very much. (Note: picture from InnisFree website, not mine!) I was given some of this from a Korean friend who was flying back and had way too much stuff ^^ I LOVE THIS. It has made my hair so silky and so smooth! You just apply it after taking a shower and towel-drying hair. I have really fine hair, but this hasn't weighed mine down at all. They have an entire line, so it's something I'll be trying out! At at only 7,000 won a bottle (about $8USD), it's a steal!

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