Friday, August 9, 2013

Skin Food Black Egg Primer and Nature Republic Super Origin Collagen BB Cream


It's been such a long time - my apologies! I recently moved and am staying in temporary housing before my BIG move to South Korea!

So, for the time being, nail art is on the back burner. I'm leaving most of my polish in my mom's loving hands while I'm gone! (And moving totally killed my nails/cuticles...)

So instead, I'm going to be focusing on makeup reviews. I have a TON of samples left from the last time I was in South Korea~

And I have duplicates of many of them! Which means good things could be coming your way, my readers ;)

Today I'll be reviewing two products: Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer and Nature Republic Super Origin Collagen BB Cream.

Here are what the sample packages looked like!

According to the Skin Food website: "A pore-smoothing makeup primer that immediately turns
into a velvety-matte texture to effectively conceal large pores and fine wrinkles."

The Nature Republic BB Cream is a little harder, because the website is entirely in Korean! But this BB Cream has 45ppm(parts per million) of collagen. It also has all 5 star ratings on the site and retails for about $13USD.

Here's the before picture! As you can see, I have fairly clear skin but pretty big pores and a lot of uneven skin tone >.<

Here is the Black Egg Primer on my wrist! A completely clear gel that did dry to a very smooth finish, but less powdery than most of the primers I've used.

Here is the BB Cream on my wrist, over the Black Egg Primer. It's pretty light and on the sheer side. One of the biggest downsides with Korean/Asian BB Creams is that most don't come in more than one or two shades. But if you're lighter skinned, the formula is far superior to US brands :)

And here is the after picture! The primer did a great job filling in my pores and giving a semi-matte finish. The BB Cream gave light to medium coverage, but for the most part evened out the redness.


Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer 

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 polish bottles! The formula was great, the price isn't too bad, and the longevity was pretty good! I also really liked the feel - not too powdery like most primers I've tried! Once my others run out, this is a might buy!

Nature Republic Super Origin Collagen BB Cream

3 out of 5 polish bottles! While the formula wasn't bad, I felt like the coverage could have been better. It also has the lowest SPF out of all my BB Cream samples. However, I think the price was really nice and the formula would be perfect if you want a super light coverage. :) Probably not something I'd buy, but they have a waterproof formula I'd like to try!

Let me know what you think of my first makeup review!

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  1. I do not see the redness there any more but looks like you need some "internal work" like lesser stress and may be more rest. Was the final pic with or without BB Cream?

    Any way, have you tried Nature Republic's Blemish Lab BYE Pore Cover Concealer? Could go under your BB Cream too.

    I am going to try some Bee Venom cream (non anti-cruel) for under eye lines to see how it works! Can't wait for my product to come! MEWWY CHRISTMAS and thank you for all you 2 contribute! I pretty much enjoy your blog!