Monday, August 12, 2013

Etude BB Cream


I'm back with another Korean makeup sample! This time I'm reviewing Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream. (The global site doesn't show every product, so I've given the link to the Korean website.)

Etude House is the cute makeup store. While many of the makeup stores in Korea have cute and stylish packaging and products, Etude House is by far the girliest. Walking inside is like being inside a bag of cotton candy - pink, pink, and more pink!

This BB Cream retails for 14,000 won (About $15USD). It's not a bad price, since the size is so large and a little bit goes a long way!

I don't usually shop at Etude (I feel like most of the other stores have products I like more) but I do have a few things from here. I do use their "Magic" BB Cream - it's only $10USD, which is one of the cheaper BB creams available.

Note: The place I'm staying has horrible lighting, so I've tried to correct color in the photos as much as possible - which has proven to be a huge challenge. So these photos are more for the coverage/look, not exact colors :)

Before Shot:

Because I had done a face mask (post coming soon!) the night before, my skin wasn't as red and was super smooth! But you can still see that I have a lot of uneven skin tone - blue/purple around my eyes, some weird yellow-ish spots on my cheeks, and some redness on my forehead/nose/cheeks. I also have lots of freckles/dark spots.

On my wrist. Etude does offer different colors, and this one is probably a bit too dark/yellow for my skin. 

After (Color balance is especially bad here!):

While it's not heavy enough for my under-eye circles, this BB Cream had good coverage! It also did a good job staying on - I wore this for filming a video, then went out with friends. 3-4 hours later it still looked really good :)

And here's how my makeup looked overall! I over-did the contouring a bit, since I was doing a video and needed it to be more pronounced...

-Break Down- 
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

I'm giving this one a 2 out of 5 polish bottles. While the formula was okay, it was a bit thick and hard to blend easily. While it's not terribly expensive, I didn't feel like the quality was that high (compared to their cheaper BB Creams). I also didn't like the finish - I prefer a semi-matte, and this left my skin more dewey. 

Do you like using BB Creams? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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