Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Nails Part 1

Even though it's only the first day of October, I decided to do some Halloween nails!!

Out of all the holidays,  I definitely think Halloween offers the most variety in terms on what you can put on your nails! Today's mani was a more generalized look, just to play around.

On the thumb I have bloodstained mummy wrappings! This look was achieved by sponging tan and brown polish over black striping tape, then carefully adding a few sponged spots of blood. I'm thinking about adding a tutorial for this one - let me know if anyone is interested!

The index finger is a simple blood drip on a nude base. The darker red was achieved by mixing a red sheer/jelly polish with black. The middle is Frankenstein inspired, pretty simple. The ring finger is a spider web on top of mini holo glitter on white. The pinky is just black covered with gold glitter, I was thinking of a magic spell book or a wizard's robe.

All of these also have my glow-in-the-dark polish from Forever 21 over them! I was a little worried it would affect the colors, but other than small green glitter flecks, it's basically sheer. They don't glow very strongly(and you have to hold them by a light) but it's just so much fun knowing they can do that!

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